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You could ask family or friends to lend you money in your hour of need. This may seem like a good idea but the situation is fraught with danger. Just look what might happen.

1.You have a wonderful friendship and good relations with your family members and they happily agree to lend you cash.

2.They give you a loan for whatever reason you need.

3.You spend the money as you please.

4.But you soon lose control of your repayments, as your relatives or friends starts calling the shots on how much you pay back and when.

5.Your family or friends asks you to repay some or the entire loan at an inconvenient time.

6.You can’t afford to repay it back at that time leading to a strain on relationships, uncomfortable family gatherings, recriminations and possible permanent relationship breakdown.This is a vicious cycle that you could lead to a lifetime of family bad blood and dislocation.


Avoid long-term problems with family or friends

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