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  • An Invoice Factoring arrangement can release the cash tied up in your invoices and free up your time through credit management.

  • The Key to Success

    Give your start-ups a boost with business loans designed to help you maintain liquidity, provide working capital and further expansion. We know your business represents your passion.

  • When you need business equipment, getting an equipment loan could be a smart financial move. Support your business needs by financing new and old equipment with minimal upfront capital.

  • Advance Your Success

    Enhance your cash flow and day to day business operations with a business loan to help you excel in the growth of your business.

  • Future Profits, Today’s Capital

    Our Merchant Cash Advance gives you swift access to capital needed with no due dates and no fixed payments!

  • Exceed Your Limits

    Being an SME should not deter you from having an equal opportunity to succeed. Our SME Loans are tailored to help you achieve the summit of your business aspirations.

Singapore Based Merchant Cash Advance Provider

Get your finances in line with our fast and convenient services.

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) can help to support and grow your current operations. Whether you seek to expand your inventory, upgrade machinery, or remodel your retail space to increase your customer base, a Merchant Cash Advance gives you the financial capital you need to pursue your business ambitions. This form of finance enables you to leverage your future earnings without having to take up an actual loan; it is simple, convenient, and hassle free.

Monetium Credit recognizes how important it is to have strong capital to grow and expand your business and it’s for this reason that we’ve developed the MCA service. Choosing this type of loan structure grants you the flexibility to grow your business without having to worry about liquidity. The MCA works by turning your future credit card profits into spendable cash. By selling us your future credit, you’ll be able to get the finances you need to take your Singapore business operations to the next level.

The flexibility aspect of the MCA is perfect for business owners as it is repaid in accordance with your sales. Monetium Credit also works to accommodate the individual needs of our Singapore clients with flexible terms and repayment options.

If you need to release cash tied up in unpaid invoices, Monetium Credit can provide a fast and effective solution tailored to your exact business needs. We provide cashflow Invoice Factoring finance for a wide range of businesses including manufacturers, wholesalers, transport firms, employment agencies and providers of business services.

  • Cash advance up to 4X of monthly card sales

  • Available to new & small businesses

  • Minimal documentation

  • Freedom to use funds as you wish

  • Unlike traditional bank loans, this is a ‘sale of receivables’ transaction so your business enjoys improved cash flow without debt or revolving interest

  • No the need for collateral

  • No credit reporting so no impact on your credit profile

  • A pre-determined percentage of your daily card sales automatically

  • Flexible and hassle-free repayment terms – no fixed or minimum monthly installments

Click here to apply now. For more information about the Merchant Cash Advance services we offer in Singapore, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 6777 7775 or using our online enquiry form.

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