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  • An Invoice Factoring arrangement can release the cash tied up in your invoices and free up your time through credit management.

  • The Key to Success

    Give your start-ups a boost with business loans designed to help you maintain liquidity, provide working capital and further expansion. We know your business represents your passion.

  • When you need business equipment, getting an equipment loan could be a smart financial move. Support your business needs by financing new and old equipment with minimal upfront capital.

  • Advance Your Success

    Enhance your cash flow and day to day business operations with a business loan to help you excel in the growth of your business.

  • Future Profits, Today’s Capital

    Our Merchant Cash Advance gives you swift access to capital needed with no due dates and no fixed payments!

  • Exceed Your Limits

    Being an SME should not deter you from having an equal opportunity to succeed. Our SME Loans are tailored to help you achieve the summit of your business aspirations.

Machinery & Equipment Financing

Having a fully operational business can at times be financially daunting. Having to cover the wages of your employees, ensure availability of stocks and keeping up with supply and demand can often leave little room in the liquidity for an investment into or upgrade of equipment or machinery. This is why Monetium Credit offers you the added function of a Machinery & Equipment (M&E) Loan specifically devised for such purposes. Be it to hire purchase or lease out, we have the capability to finance up to 100% of the cost. Furthermore, our M&E service provides you with several added benefits such as lower repayments of only a fraction of the total purchase price, tax advantages, off-balance sheet financing with an operating lease, and the possibility to maximize your budget.

With a flexible loan package drafted out by our highly experienced financial advisors, our M&E loans can be structured around your comfort level of liquidity with the added benefit of maximum flexibility and end of lease options to further boost your operations with the best possible options available.

Constantly being on the upgrade while simultaneously running an operational business has never been made more possible. Monetium Credit’s M&E Financing service aims to help you to be constantly upgraded with the needs of today’s economy, thereby ensuring that your enterprise can always perform at nothing less than 100%.

  • Improved cash flow and working capital

    • Up to 100% financing of the cost of equipment
    • Lower payments of only a fraction of the total purchase price
    • Tax advantages
    • Off-balance-sheet financing with operating lease
    • Maximizing budget
  • Flexible & predictable expenses

    • Hedged against inflation with low fixed-rate payments
    • Ease of budgeting and operational forecasts
  • Enhanced competitive advantage

    • Maximum flexibility with end-of-lease options
    • Option to switch to the most advanced equipment & technology available in the market
    • Protection against technology obsolescence
  • Hire Purchase

    • Funds up to 90% of the purchase price of equipment
  • Cross Border Financing

    • Acquire and finance fixed assets for your overseas operations.

Protecting Your Personal Data

Monetium Credit (S) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers in line with the Personal Data Protection Act which comes into effect on 2 July 2014.

1. If you have questions about how Monetium Credit (S) collects, uses or discloses your data, please approach any staff. This information can also be found in our Privacy Notice which is available upon request and on our website at www.monetiumcredit.com.sg.

2. We can assist should you wish to: - withdraw your consent for the use and disclosure of your personal data to third parties - request for access to your personal data held by Monetium Credit (S) - make amendments to your personal data.

3. Do let us know if your personal data (e.g. address or phone number) has changed so that we may serve you better.

4. Please be assured that the third parties we work with are required to protect your personal data and may only use or retain the data for the specific purposes outlined in the Privacy Notice. For more information, please contact Monetium Credit: info@monetiumcredit.com.sg or 6777 7775.