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About Us

Monetium Credit: Reliable, Swift & Efficient and with your needs at the pinnacle of our priorities, we are dedicated to giving you the best available solutions to overcome your financial hurdles. With a committed and highly talented team of officers, led by our Chairman who stems from having over a decade of experience in the finance industry, our organization has been crafted upon a strong financial foundation to ensure that you receive the best course of assistance possible when you need it the most.


We believe in catering to all our clients with an equally high standard of service. No matter your demographics, or socioeconomics, at Monetium, we believe in providing all our clients with equality, efficiency, and compassion.

Building Partnerships

At Monetium Credit, we don’t just show you the way. We walk the journey with you. This is done by basing our transactions with our clients around the values of honesty, integrity, and reliability. To us, you aren’t an option. You are our priority.

Clientelle Focus

Our core priority is to serve our clients with the best available solutions for them. With an ever-changing society and needs, we understand that they might require assistance on anything from a mortgage, to personal expenses to a little self-indulgence. This is why our flexible proposals, ensure that they receive the maximum assistance required with minimal strain on their liquidity.

What our clients say

"Professional, Reliable & Trustworthy and for returning customers, it's definitely good! As long as u bring along all the required documents, it will be done swiftly. Unlike others, they never query stuff that will make u feel embarrassed."

—  Azri Aziz