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Having a set of core values is crucial for an organization to build its foundation of success upon. At Monetium Credit, we believe that every employee within our corporation should be instilled with these values in order to work harmoniously towards the common goal of playing their part in the prosperity of the company. Along with our core values, we believe in the importance of remembering our vision and mission in order to constantly remind ourselves to put our best foot forward for the company.

Monetium Credit’s Core Values

Trust and integrity are not just values, but rather virtues that every individual should have within them. At Monetium Credit, we give the utmost importance in ensuring that we are always transparent in all our dealings and that we treat all our clients with respect, fairness and honesty.


It is easy for any number of organizations to provide a similar service. However, it is the level and quality of client satisfaction that truly sets them apart from each other in the corporate rankings. Here at Monetium Credit, we are unyielding in ensuring that our service standards are never short of excellent and perfect. From the selection process of our employees, to training them and cultivating our core values into them, we give the utmost importance in ensuring that our clients will receive nothing less than the best when it comes to our service.


At Monetium Credit, we do not believe in the word “impossible”. We believe that innovation and creativity is key to a successful enterprise. This is why we have the knowledge and experience within our ranks to provide our customers with several options and assist them in the best way available no matter how minimal the possibilities may be.


We believe in prioritizing our client’s needs with the utmost importance by listening to their opinions, valuing their feedback and empathizing with their needs. Our financial advisors are highly trained and well-honed in treating our clients with respect and dignity. We believe in understanding exactly what our clients seek and in turn, providing them with the best options available to help them achieve maximum success from their aspirations.

Monetium Credit’s Vision & Mission
  • To establish ourselves as one of the foremost, successful and credible leasing and finance companies in the region.
  • To provide the highest standard of service excellence in the financial industry.
  • To constantly upgrade ourselves and work towards the prosperity and growth of our company in order to provide our clientele with the possibilities to reap maximum returns with our assistance and investments.
  • To assist and invest in high performing and profitable companies for mutual benefits.
  • To encourage small entrepreneurs and businesses to forge a strong partnership with us, so that we can assist them in maximizing the potential of their business to its peak.
  • To provide all our clients, regardless of their socio-economic factors, with the highest standards of quality and reliable consultations and services.
  • To recruit, nurture and develop dedicated, efficient and reliable employees within our organization, leading to our clients receiving high quality of services, as well assisting the company achieve greater successes on a constant basis.

Protecting Your Personal Data

Monetium Credit (S) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers in line with the Personal Data Protection Act which comes into effect on 2 July 2014.

1. If you have questions about how Monetium Credit (S) collects, uses or discloses your data, please approach any staff. This information can also be found in our Privacy Notice which is available upon request and on our website at www.monetiumcredit.com.sg.

2. We can assist should you wish to: - withdraw your consent for the use and disclosure of your personal data to third parties - request for access to your personal data held by Monetium Credit (S) - make amendments to your personal data.

3. Do let us know if your personal data (e.g. address or phone number) has changed so that we may serve you better.

4. Please be assured that the third parties we work with are required to protect your personal data and may only use or retain the data for the specific purposes outlined in the Privacy Notice. For more information, please contact Monetium Credit: info@monetiumcredit.com.sg or 6777 7775.