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Monetium Credit was established in 2009 by our founder Daniel Koh, one of Singapore’s youngest and most established entrepreneurs of the modern era. With over a decade of experience and knowledge in the finance industry, Monetium Credit was the first project to be inaugurated by Daniel in addition to his now several other successfully running business operations.

In 2006, Daniel transitioned from his successful career as a private banker into an entrepreneur with the ambition to devise the best financial funding enterprise in the region. He envisioned creating a business with the highest standard of services that would tap into and align with the needs of individuals and businesses in Singapore regardless of which industry or social circle they were from.

Turning his aspirations into reality was not an easy road to navigate. He had to overcome several restrictions and hindrances in order to pursue his dream of building a successful enterprise with the highest of qualities and service standards. It was during this crucial period that Daniel’s utilized his vast experiences and wealth of knowledge to implement his methods to push through the barriers. With a never ending pursuit for perfection in all things, coupled with an eternal burning desire to always find new ways to improve, Daniel incorporated the morals and values of his personality into his businesses. Disciplined, always on point, full of girt and never dropping his expectations for a high quality standard of service are a few examples of such values that enabled him to become an exceptionally successful entrepreneur at such a modest age.

It was these factors along with an extraordinarily intelligent business mind and an ability to envision and build forward thinking that led to Daniel setting up his first prominent financial and credit company, Monetium Credit, in 2009. Establishing his own business was the first step taken to become an entrepreneur but the journey to become the best in the region’s finance industry was a whole new task ahead. Daniel never rested on the laurels of his success but rather continued to push his ambitions to greater heights by enforcing his values and morals onto all his employees and the ways in which his operations functioned.

His hard work and endeavours was finally recognized nationally when Monetium Credit achieved its first accolade in 2011 by winning the prestigious Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award. Winning such an award and recognition only pushed Daniel to raise his standards and quality of service even higher. He believed that if he could achieve such a success, he could achieve greater success with even more hard work. Daniel constantly strived to maintain and upgrade the consistency of his enterprise by regularly evolving his operations, revamping his business guidelines and installing up-to-date technological advances to keep up with the changing demographics of society. It was his excellent methods, ideologies and business acumen that brought his now flagship business Monetium Credit its second prestigious achievement by winning the same Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award again in 2013-2014.

Fuelled by the success, Daniel set his sights on bigger achievements and took Monetium Credit to even greater heights when it was awarded with the Singapore Quality Award by Singapore’s National Standards and Accreditation Body for the Promotion of Business Excellence: SPRINGS. Winning the accolade while being an independent enterprise in the finance industry is a true testament to Daniel’s hard work and high standards in everything that he does.

With his primary principal of always aiming to provide his customers with the best solutions that they can receive along with a highly experienced and trained team of employees within his ranks, Daniel ensures that the services delivered by his enterprise are constantly high, reliable and worthy.

The success of Monetium Credit served as a stepping stone for further establishments. Since 2009, Daniel now has several business operations in various sectors operating with equal success and a high quality of standards under his watchful eyes. Along with recently expanding his enterprise into Hong Kong, Daniel Koh’s long term aspiration is to expand his organization around South-East Asia and to bring it to greater heights with more success. It is this burning fire within him and passion to always be better, that has enabled him to be one of Singapore’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs.

From starting off with a single aspiration to now operating with several businesses and dozens of employees under him, there can be no limits for Daniel Koh’s ambitions and aspirations.

Protecting Your Personal Data

Monetium Credit (S) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers in line with the Personal Data Protection Act which comes into effect on 2 July 2014.

1. If you have questions about how Monetium Credit (S) collects, uses or discloses your data, please approach any staff. This information can also be found in our Privacy Notice which is available upon request and on our website at www.monetiumcredit.com.sg.

2. We can assist should you wish to: - withdraw your consent for the use and disclosure of your personal data to third parties - request for access to your personal data held by Monetium Credit (S) - make amendments to your personal data.

3. Do let us know if your personal data (e.g. address or phone number) has changed so that we may serve you better.

4. Please be assured that the third parties we work with are required to protect your personal data and may only use or retain the data for the specific purposes outlined in the Privacy Notice. For more information, please contact Monetium Credit: info@monetiumcredit.com.sg or 6777 7775.