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Most of us do not have large cash reserves to help us out during financial emergencies. We need loans – personal loans and business loans, to help us grow our businesses or solve a particularly tough financial situation. However, there are many malicious lenders out there that can worsen your financial situation by offering loans with unclear terms and rates. This is why you need Monetium Credit (S) Pte Ltd. With the help of our financial experts, we help clients find quick and convenient loans and we help them with loan processing too.

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Monetium Credit (S) Pte Ltd aims are helping clients during tough situations with timely loans and clear payment plans. We understand that haggling with lenders and worrying about loan processing are the last things you want to deal with so we make the loan processing smooth and easy. Unlike our competitors, not only do we help you get a loan but we also help you create and implement an effective payment plan. We want to work with you in repaying your loans so that your credit report is not ruined.

Personal loans

Life is full of surprises and they are not always good. Home repairs, loss of employment, urgent purchases, etc. can often strain your finances. We can help you find a personal loan that is best suited for your current needs and also come up with a payment schedule based on your income and credit report.

Payday loans

Financial emergencies are common and they can be frustrating when your pay day is far away. Tackle such emergencies and stop worrying about your finance options with our payday loans.

Business loans

As a proud entrepreneur, you may need business loans time and again to expand your company, hire new employees, etc. We offer some of the most flexible and customizable business loans.

We also offer a variety of other loans designed to help you out during any situation. Most importantly, our experts will guide you through the whole process so that you do not feel overwhelmed. We understand that finding a personal loan Singapore can be confusing, so leave it to us to find the best personal loans Singapore for you.

Why choose us?

• Even if your income is less than $20,000 per annum, we offer loans of up to $3000 with flexi repayment plans.
• If your annual income is between $20,000 and $30,000, then you can get unsecured loans from us with flexi repayment plans.
• When you opt for our premium customer loans, the interest rates are fixed with up to 15% reduction in interest.
• We offer advanced pay options for our payday loans
• If your annual income is $120,000 or more, then we will offer you completely customized personal loans. These unsecured loans will have a customized loan amount and interest plans.

+ How to Choose the Right Money-Lender in Singapore

Not everyone has the luxury of living comfortably without any financial issues. This is especially true when you are living in Singapore, where the growing economy has resulted in an increase in the cost of living. Even you may come across a few situations that demand you to spend more than you own. When you are faced with such dilemmas, you can easily get a solution by seeking an emergency loan from a money-lender. Singapore has an abundance of private money-lenders, but this also means that you need to choose wisely.

Choosing the right money-lender

Here are a few tips that can help you in finding the right money-lender in Singapore:

• The basic step of finding the right money-lender in Singapore is to collect as much information as you can about the organization. This includes finding out details about their policies and services. Through this information, you will be able to avoid falling into a trap.

• Many well-known money-lenders in Singapore also welcome online loan requests. This makes it easier for you to find a good, reliable financier by conducting a search on the internet.

• Avoid applying for loans from an unlicensed money-lender. You can only trust companies with a license to provide cash loans. The best way to find out whether or not a financing company is licensed is by looking for a license number, which should be given on their website.

• Look for a company that provides you with a wide variety of services and solutions. This will give you the freedom to make a choice that suits your needs and requirements.

• An ideal financier would be one that is reputable for giving personal loan Singapore at low interest rates. Try asking around with friends and family members or check out the company's online client forum. This can help you identify the reputability of the firm and whether or not you should trust their services.

• Always go for a money-lender who offers flexibility in terms of payment options. This will make it easier for you to repay the loan even when your financial condition isn't ideal.

• Good money-lenders are always straightforward and simple in their disbursements. They will give you all the necessary information about the process even before you decide to take a loan from them.

• Reliable financiers will always verify all the details of your personal and financial situation before they approve or decline your loan application. Avoid taking a loan from firms that approve loans despite incomplete application from their clients.

+ Tips on Getting a Personal Loan in Singapore

With the ever-growing economy, the cost of living in Singapore also undergoes a constant increase. As a result, you can now find several people applying for loans from money-lenders to help them meet their financial difficulties. When you are facing this kind of situation, it is crucial that you make necessary plans before taking a plunge.

Tips to plan wisely

Here are a few tips that will help you make a wise choice when applying for personal loans in Singapore:

• Before you are considered for a personal loan in Singapore, you need to meet the criteria set by the money-lenders. First, you need to be employed and over the age of 21. If you are a citizen of Singapore, you must apply for the loan using your passport.

• You must remember never to take a personal loan several months before applying for another major loan. This means you should not apply for one if you are planning to buy a house or a car in the next few months. This is because you will be unable to qualify for a huge housing or car loan if you are already in debt.

• There are constant changes in the interest rates of personal loans. This means you get the option to shop around and compare the interest rates of multiple banks or money-lenders. Through this, you will be able to find a low-interest loan that you can easily repay with your current income.

• Avoid taking a personal loan to make house renovations or to pay for your education. You have specific loans like renovation loan packages and education loan packages. In fact, specific loan packages are often available at lower interest rates and may be a better option when you need money for specific purposes.

• Compare the late payment penalties carefully before you decide on a particular bank or money-lender. Unlike credit cards, late payment fees on personal loans might be much steeper. This is why you need to know what you are getting into before you make a decision.

• Many personal loans do not have collateral behind them. This means the bank lending you the money might try to compensate for this by jacking up their interest rates. Before you make a decision, be fully aware of exactly when and how you need to pay it back. Make sure you don’t use a personal loan for investing in risky shares or buying high-risk equity. A personal loan should only be used to lighten your financial burden.

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